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Relay card ORE 300

The relay cards have 1 relay (ORE 300-1) or 4 relays (ORE 300-4) with an unpotential contacts and different control voltages, small currents and an LED diode for relay switch -on indication. They are used for galvanic isolation of control and power circuits.
Application: in measuring and regulation technology, in the function of pressure, level or temperature switches (- see pressure gauges, level and temperature) or independent.

Technical data:

  • The number of relays: 1 (ORE 300-1), 4 (ORE 300-4)
  • Type of contacts: 1 x switchable unpotential alternating contact
  • Lead load: max. 2A / 250V, 50hZ, max. 60VA
  • Control voltage:
    • 12VDC, VAC
    • 24VDC, VAC
  • LED diode for relay switch-on indication
  • rail mounted in the el. cabinet
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