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Mobile data logger MRE 300

The mobile data logger is a professional portable box (robust construction) that houses a data logger which can register data from different external gauges (level, pressure, temperature, flow, conductivity, …). Inside the box we find the electronics of the logger together with a battery or AKU that ensures a truly mobile function. We use the loggers for field operation mainly for shorter period measurements (e.g. pumping tests, monitoring of flow in a specific branch of the pipeline, the registration of transitional events, ...) The data can be downloaded locally to a PC computer, or transmitted wireless over the built-in GSM modem. An extremely low power consumption enables a long lasting function without changing the battery or refilling the AKU.

Technical data:

MRE 300-1:

  • 2 current loops (4-20mA) - level and temperature gauge or conductivity gauge
  • 1 impulse input - flow measurements (inductive flow meter or a regular turbine flow meter with a reed contact)
  • 2 digital inputs: alarm events (water intrusion, unauthorized invasion, grid cutout, …)
  • SMS alarm function (2 mobile phone numbers)
  • LCD screen with a numeric review of the measured quantity, measuring units, bar graph, low power indication, …
  • GSM modem, antenna, accumulator

MRE 300-2:

  • 6 inputs (current loops, temperature sensors PT 100, PT 1000 or counting inputs (set by the user)
  • LCD graphic screen for review of the current measurement for all the inputs, time of sampling, current time, ...
  • GSM modem, antenna, accumulator
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