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Data logger GSR 310

The electronics with the LCD screen and the GSM modem are enclosed inside an ABS housing. Power supply can be battery, AKU, grid or a combination with automatic switch function. The archived data is transferred once or twice per day to desired remote location. You can also set the alarm parameters so that when these are breached you will get an SMS message of the breach immediately. The logger is best used in applications where there is a need to monitor different parameters (flow, level, pressure, temperature, …). Mainly we can find them in waterworks, heat supply stations, smaller boiler rooms and similar environments.

Technical data:

  • Power: battery 6V, AKU 12V, feeder 12 – 15V (max. 24V)
  • Inputs: 6 x current loop, temperature sensor PT 100, PT 1000 or counting input (impulses or frequency – flow measurement)
  • Memory capacity: 3 x 16.000 data
  • Sampling time: 1 minute to 24 hours
  • LCD screen, GSM modem, antenna
  • Data transfer options: locally (connection cable to the PC computer) or wireless (GSM transfer of archived data 1 or 2 per day to a remote location, alarm SMS message immediately after breach)
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