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Data registration

The GSR, PSR and the new portable MRE data logger families measure and register different quantities such as pressure, level, flow, temperature, conductivity... Together with the gauges and modules from our assortment they represent a complete view and control over a specific process. Since the power supply can be adapted to the application site (grid, battery or solar powered) we can install the data loggers in remote and hard to reach places.

Data loggers GSR 120NT and GSR 120NTG

A compact and robust data logger that measures and registers data on level and temperature (type GSR 120NT) or level, temperature and conductivity (type GSR 120NTG).

Data logger GSR 301

A data logger with two analog inputs, one counting input and two digital inputs. It has an LCD screen, it is battery powered and can be connected to a GSM modem.

Data logger GSR 310

A data logger with six analog inputs (current loops, temperature sensors PT 100, PT 1000 or counting inputs) an LCD screen, battery power and an GSM modem.

Data logger PSR 300

A pressure, temperature and flow logger that is distinguished by a compact stainless steel housing, pressure moulded head, an LCD screen, possibility of connecting a GSM modem and assembly on a R1/2 pipe fitting.

Mobile data logger MRE 120

A mobile data logger in an ABS housing with a submersible probe mounted on a robust drum with wheels.

Mobile data logger MRE 300

The electronics of a data logger housed inside a waterproof box with a handle and sockets for connecting external gauges (level, pressure, temperature, flow, conductivity, ...)
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