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Measuring converters

Measuring converters convert electrical and non-electrical quantities (e.g. temperature – input is temperature sensor or different current and voltage signals) into standard voltage and current signals. We distinguish them either by their housing (independent housing or built in housing, e.g. mounting inside the temperature sensor head) or their concept (with galvanic isolation of input/output/power or without galvanic isolation).

Measuring converters MPx for the DIN rail

Measuring converters of the MPx 3XX family are installed on a DIN rail in the el. cabinet. The electronics are constructed inside a 22mm wide ABS housing.

Measuring converter MFI 300

A universal measuring converter with a galvanic isolation. Assembly on a standard DIN rail.

Measuring converter MPI 100

A compact and reliable temperature meter for liquids and gasses. The advantages include easy assembly (inside the head of a temperature palp) and a programmable measuring range.
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