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Temperature measurements

Temperature palps contain temperature sensors in different housings. Temperature gauges additionally contain electronics which have an output current loop and some also temperature review on an LED or LCD display.
Applications for temperature palps and gauges include energetics, pool technology, industry, waterworks, ...

Temperature palps EKT 10, EKT 11

The simplest temperature palp with a sensor inside a steel tube and a connection cable. Best used for less demanding applications.

Temperature palp EKT 111

Temperature palp inside a professional robust steel casing. Used for demanding applications in the field of energetics, industry, ...

Temperature palps EKT 210, EKT 310

Wall mounted temperature palps for measuring atmospheric or room temperature.

Temperature gauge MT 100

An immersible temperature gauge with stainless steel housing and electronics with an output current loop. The main applications are water temperature measurement in pools, drill-holes, reservoirs, ...

Temperature gauges MT 201 and MT 211

Programmable, robust and precise temperature meter in a pressure moulded housing with an LED or LCD screen, two limit pairs and an output current loop.
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