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Level(pressure) gauges SMN(SMP) 201 in SMN(SMP) 211

Microprocessor level or pressure gauges are characterized by great precision measurements, programmable measuring range, low consumption of el. current (current loop powered – two wire connection) and simple handling. The meters with LED display (SMP 201 and SMN 201) allow excellent visibility in dark spaces and shafts. The meters with LCD display (SMP 211, SMN 211) offer two more output limit pairs.
Application: level and pressure measurement in waterworks (tanks, pipes), heat supplies, water pools, industry, ...

Technical data:

  • Power (two wire): 8-27VDC - 24VDC typical
  • Output: current 4-20mA, two limit pairs (SMP 211, SMN 211)
  • Programmable measuring range
  • Display on the LED or LCD screen:
    • level or pressure, flow, offset movement, damping factor and setting of the measuring range
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