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Level and pressure measurements

Gauges used for measuring level and pressure of liquids in various applications: reservoirs, drill-holes, rivers, lakes, water pools, … They are featured by a simple application, ruggedness, long lifetime, high precision and good time stability.

Level gauge PPI 100

An immersible robust level gauge that satisfies a wide range of demands.

Level gauge PPI 120

A small immersible level gauge with a small measuring mistake that is mainly used in drill-holes.

Level or pressure gauge PPI 110

A precise and robust level or pressure gauge used mainly for applications that require a reliable operation with a small measuring mistake.

Level or pressure gauge PPI 130

A level or pressure gauge for usage in less demanding applications.

Level and temperature gauge

A compact immersion level and temperature gauge of small dimensions and with a small measurement error, which is used in the monitoring of water (ground water, deep water sources, lakes, rivers), pool technology, industry, ...

Level or pressure gauge DMT 110

An air pressure gauge for inflating tires with presetting the desired pressure (automatic regulation of tire pressure), an LCD screen and stainless steel housing.

Differential pressure gauge DMT 220

A gauge that converts the difference between two pressures into a output current loop.

Level or pressure gauges DMN 201 and DMT 201

Compact gauges with a multifunction LCD screen, a programmable measuring range, three limit pairs and assembly on a pipe connection.

Level(pressure) gauges SMN(SMP) 201 in SMN(SMP) 211

Level or pressure gauges in a robust housing distinguished by a multifunction screen, a programmable measuring range and a good IP protection.

Level switch SPV 311

A level switch used for control over critical events.
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