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The beginnings of our measuring regulating equipment date back to the year 1988. In 1996, the company was structurally reorganized and renamed to ELTRA Lavrenčič Silvo s.p. Up to this day we have become the leading Slovenian manufacturer of measuring regulation equipment, particularly in the field of level and pressure measurements as well as data logging in environmental monitoring. The increased scale of operations, new programs and new organization has dictated another transformation of the enterprise in 2009 into the company ELTRATEC d.o.o.

Our measuring equipment is the product of our knowledge and several years of experience in the field of measuring technology. In the development of new equipment we find the experience and recommendations of our partners a valuable guide on how to improve and upgrade the existing production program. Our measuring equipment earned the trust of all major waterworks in the country, the largest companies for heat distribution and all major oil companies.


We want to remain the leading manufacturers of measuring equipment in the fields of regulating activities in Slovenia and become an identifiable and reliable partner in high-technology products in the narrow and the broader European environment.


With our equipment we actively participate in the resolution of environmental issues (monitoring of water sources of drinking water, reducing water losses in the distribution of drinking water) and saving of energy (monitoring for optimal production and distribution of heat).

The new millennium offers new challenges: lack of pure drinking water and energy loss are problems that will jeopardize humanity. We want to remain an active member in the family of companies and institutions dealing with the resolution of such issues. Since the problems are complex and difficult our solutions are specific: partners and users are advised in the selection of the concept and equipment in the field of our activities for the most efficient solutions to their problems.

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