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Through the years we have earned the trust of several business partners. This is an acknowledgment that we try to confirm every day with:

  • quality: numerous level and pressure gauges operate under very difficult conditions in practically all the biggest waterworks systems in Slovenia

  • tradition: more than 20 years of development and production of measuring regulation equipment

  • innovation: the components used in our products are in line with the latest technological discoveries, the concept of our products is suited for the most difficult operating conditions for measuring regulation equipment, the products are based mainly on experiences of our customers and the innovativeness of our development engineers

  • service: the company has an in-house service department

  • councel: when it comes to a specific technological problem we always advise our customer to find a suitable solution for the problem at hand. Since we are the manufacturer our advices are also helpful to the account that the customer gets the most value out of our products. Already in the development stage of a product we value the experiences and demands of our customers and can offer even more, the product can be designed and/or modified to perfectly fit a particular demand or application.

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